1OF1 is a collector’s club designed from the ground up with the aim to collect the defining digital art of the 21st century. As an experimental and technically sophisticated collection of NFTs, 1OF1 is building out a high-quality community of artists and builders while providing club members access to a thoughtful collection of digital art and NFTs. Visit the collection ︎︎︎


1OF1 works hard to ensure our artists have the right exposure, build their brand and to add value to their works in a variety of ways. We foster active conversations with leading cultural institutions, on- and offline. Through unique initiatives, such as Cartography of the Mind or Human One’s World Tour, we ensure 1OF1 is present and front of mind when it comes to notable digital art and NFT collections. Our projects create close ties with the artists we collect and help raise both their and our profile. Learn more ︎︎︎

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As a digital native collectors club, 1OF1 is continuously confronted with various challenges that arise when collecting a significant amount of digital assets. Part of our mission is to solve these issues for ourselves and others, as we aim to push the entire space forward by executing important experiments to deepen the relationship between members and the underlying collection and by improving the execution, governance, and acquisition process of scarce digital assets. In addition, 1OF1 works actively to unlock the full DeFi composability potential of NFTs. Learn about our tools ︎︎︎

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